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i’m so sad though because when dean says “it’s a means to an end” what he really means is “i’m a means to end” as in “i’m nothing” because he’s literally letting this evil force occupy his body and his mentality in order to do what he thinks should be done

and cas knows this instantly, which i think is why he sounds so desperate when he immediately replies “damn it, dean”









Why would ANYONE think this kind of mentality is okay? It’s like a serious phobia of men!

This is not okay. This is not equality.

Didn’t we learn in elementary school that putting other people down to make yourself feel good is bullying?

This isn’t feminism. This is evil.

this is disturbing.

And these women call themselves “feminists”…

Now you see why I don’t trust this movement? No one in a position of power or respect in feminist circles will condemn these people. They allow them to spread their hate.

Fucking feminazi’s